Mike Honda for President in 2016!

Everybody’s busy speculating about the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. Either Bill or Hillary Clinton have been in high federal office since way back in 1992, though. Isn’t it time that the Democratic Party opened itself up to some new, more progressive, ideas?

liberal democrat in 2016Here’s my idea of a new idea: Democrats could nominate a real liberal this time – you know, someone who actually represents their values.

How about Congressman Mike Honda? That’s My Congress gives him a liberal legislative ranking of 75 percent, as high as any member of the House of Representatives. He’s a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who consistently supports progressive legislation. Irregular Times cites him as one of the best potential presidential candidates from the U.S. House for 2016.

If you think it’s a good idea, wear this campaign button to spread the word: Mike Honda for President in 2016!

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