Rocky Anderson Turns Off Independent Voters With Americans Elect Move

Rocky Anderson, the founder and sole candidate of the Justice Party, entered the 2012 presidential elect promising to oppose the influence of corporate money in politics. At the end of last week, however, Rocky Anderson shocked his supporters by announcing that he was joining the Americans Elect system, and seeking the Americans Elect presidential nomination.

Americans Elect is a new political party that was founded using Wall Street hedge fund money. It used that corporate cash to pay professional petitioners to gain ballot access. The leadership of Americans Elect is corporate aligned, and Americans Elect has a pro-corporate political agenda.

By joining Americans Elect, Rocky Anderson is now endorsing the influence of corporate money in politics.

“Rocky is either an opportunist, or naive, or both if he actually thinks AE, a center-right effort, will allow him to be their nominee,” says one former Anderson for President supporter.

“Anderson sold out,” declares a second former Rocky Anderson fan. A third disenchanted voter describes Anderson as, “Yet another ‘independent-minded reformer’ perfectly willing to sleep with the devil in order to get his name on the ballot and get some mega-donors behind him.”

It doesn’t look like this was a wise move for Rocky Anderson. Only a small group of Rocky Anderson’s die hard staff and and acquaintances seems to be sticking with Anderson after his Americans Elect gaffe. They’re forming a kind of cult of personality around the Salt Lake City politician.

A cult of personality won’t appeal to many outside of Salt Lake City, however. One voter explains how the harsh, defensive attitude taken on by Rocky Anderson and his few remaining supporters has turned him off: “He’s begun to think a third party candidacy is about HIM, and that a Machiavellian move or two is worth it to get HIM on the ballot… Goodbye, Rocky. I’m not taking you seriously any more.”

We have in the past posted links to campaign buttons that support Rocky Anderson. We don’t be doing that any more.

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3 Responses to Rocky Anderson Turns Off Independent Voters With Americans Elect Move

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  2. AE will have no effect on Rocky. Just look at what Rocky has been doing. I think Rocky is with AE because it is touch to get on the ballot in lots of states, such as Idaho, where I am. To me AE is just advertising, like putting an ad in the newspaper. Nothing more.

    • button liberal says:

      The problem, Calvin, is who is PAYING for the “advertising”. Wall Street is. Lobbyists are.

      By entering the Americans Elect political party and its promotional system, Rocky Anderson is accepting promotional assistance of Wall Street and corporate lobbyists. If you think that doesn’t come with strings attached, you’re naive.

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