Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Joins Occupy Protest Against Financial Elites

Today, Mitt Romney is releasing tax records showing that he had a personal income of 21 million dollars last year. Romney made most of that money from investments – meaning that he made that money just sitting around while other people did the work for him.

Can you imagine what that kind of life must be like? I can’t. Most Americans are struggling to make ends meet living in small apartments, wearing threadbare clothes, driving old cars and still going into bankruptcy.

What kind of nation is it that have such extreme luxury for a few lucky people who inherited their fortunes, while most people are working hard just for the basics? It’s a nation in crisis.

While Mitt Romney is in denial about the real nature of the economic crisis facing the United States, one other presidential candidate is clearly facing reality. Dr. Jill Stein is on the streets, shoulder to shoulder with protesters in the Occupy movement, demanding an end to economic injustice.

stein for president buttonJill Stein was there for the recent Occupy Congress protest, and while there, she explained to a reporter, “People are in crisis. We’re losing our jobs, our homes, our affordable higher education, our health care, our pensions, and our civil liberties. You name it. We are in crisis, and the top one percent is rolling in dough more than ever, and our elected officials who got us into this mess, the establishment political parties, are not only not fixing it, they are making it worse by imposing austerity on the people of America while at the same time they’re throwing trillions of dollars into wars, Wall Street, and tax breaks for the wealthy who don’t need it.”

How long have we waited to hear a presidential candidate who is able to articulate this kind of vision of the real economic struggles of typical American families? Jill Stein won’t be a President for the economic elites. She’ll be a President for the rest of us, for the 99 Percent.

Please, show your support for the Stein for President campaign. Wear this campaign button for Jill Stein to spread the word.

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