Mike Honda for President in 2016!

Everybody’s busy speculating about the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. Either Bill or Hillary Clinton have been in high federal office since way back in 1992, though. Isn’t it time that the Democratic Party opened itself up to some new, more progressive, ideas?

liberal democrat in 2016Here’s my idea of a new idea: Democrats could nominate a real liberal this time – you know, someone who actually represents their values.

How about Congressman Mike Honda? That’s My Congress gives him a liberal legislative ranking of 75 percent, as high as any member of the House of Representatives. He’s a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who consistently supports progressive legislation. Irregular Times cites him as one of the best potential presidential candidates from the U.S. House for 2016.

If you think it’s a good idea, wear this campaign button to spread the word: Mike Honda for President in 2016!

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Michelle Obama for President in 2016!

Let’s face it: We all know who is going to win the 2012 presidential election. Barack Obama is a shoe in.

So, let’s look forward to the 2016 presidential election. Who could the Democrats possibly put forward to follow up the job done by Barack Obama?

Another Obama campaign buttonHow about another Obama?

Michelle Obama for President makes sense. She has the intelligence, the vision, the dedication, the experience and the connections necessary to be an effective President of the United States – and she would have a great First Gentleman at her side.

You know she’s already doing a lot of the work at the White House. Isn’t it time for Michelle to be the one out front?

Wear this campaign button now to start the ball rolling on a Michelle Obama for President campaign in 2016!

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Carpenters for Obama

There’s more than one good choice for liberal voters in the 2012 presidential election. Jill Stein with the Green Party is one reasonable alternative to Barack Obama.

woody colored campaign button for 2012For those progressives who wish to support the re-election of President Obama, however, there’s a wide variety of campaign buttons designed to suit any particular identity. Take, for example, Carpenters for Obama, the campaign button you see here.

Carpenters support the re-election of Barack Obama because Obama has supported economic policies that create jobs for American workers, rather than helping the top 1 percent most wealthy executives and trust fund babies to hoard more wealth to themselves. If you want more work instead of more income inequality, the last thing you want to do is vote Republican.

(Carpenters for Obama is also available as a bumper sticker.)

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Rocky Anderson Turns Off Independent Voters With Americans Elect Move

Rocky Anderson, the founder and sole candidate of the Justice Party, entered the 2012 presidential elect promising to oppose the influence of corporate money in politics. At the end of last week, however, Rocky Anderson shocked his supporters by announcing that he was joining the Americans Elect system, and seeking the Americans Elect presidential nomination.

Americans Elect is a new political party that was founded using Wall Street hedge fund money. It used that corporate cash to pay professional petitioners to gain ballot access. The leadership of Americans Elect is corporate aligned, and Americans Elect has a pro-corporate political agenda.

By joining Americans Elect, Rocky Anderson is now endorsing the influence of corporate money in politics.

“Rocky is either an opportunist, or naive, or both if he actually thinks AE, a center-right effort, will allow him to be their nominee,” says one former Anderson for President supporter.

“Anderson sold out,” declares a second former Rocky Anderson fan. A third disenchanted voter describes Anderson as, “Yet another ‘independent-minded reformer’ perfectly willing to sleep with the devil in order to get his name on the ballot and get some mega-donors behind him.”

It doesn’t look like this was a wise move for Rocky Anderson. Only a small group of Rocky Anderson’s die hard staff and and acquaintances seems to be sticking with Anderson after his Americans Elect gaffe. They’re forming a kind of cult of personality around the Salt Lake City politician.

A cult of personality won’t appeal to many outside of Salt Lake City, however. One voter explains how the harsh, defensive attitude taken on by Rocky Anderson and his few remaining supporters has turned him off: “He’s begun to think a third party candidacy is about HIM, and that a Machiavellian move or two is worth it to get HIM on the ballot… Goodbye, Rocky. I’m not taking you seriously any more.”

We have in the past posted links to campaign buttons that support Rocky Anderson. We don’t be doing that any more.

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Lesbians For Jill Stein

Irregular Times puts it this way: ” For gays and lesbians to vote for a presidential candidate who won’t support their legal equality as American citizens is nothing more than a form of self loathing.”

rainbow button for jill stein 2012It’s been years that people have waited for Barack Obama to join the 21st century and acknowledge that there’s nothing wrong if a pair of women want to get married. Still, Obama refuses to say the words: I support the right of same sex couples to get married.

Barack Obama doesn’t have to support ALL same sex marriages. That would be stupid. There are good homosexual marriages and bad homosexual marriages, just as there are good heterosexual marriages and bad heterosexual marriages. The point is that homosexuals have an equal right to make mistakes as everyone else – and an equal right to find profound happiness in marriage.

Unlike Obama, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein supports marriage equality for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation. it’s a consistent position that she’s held for years, not just a pose of convenience to fir this historical moment. That’s why Lesbians support Jill Stein for President – and don’t let anyone tell you that’s a constituency that doesn’t matter.

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Legalize Hemp. Elect Rocky Anderson President.

One thing about the 2012 presidential election is sure: If you support the legalization of industrial hemp, you aren’t going to be represented either by Barack Obama or by whichever Republican candidate enters the general election. So, where can you turn?

rocky anderson for president hemp buttonLook to the Justice Party candidacy of Rocky Anderson. Rocky Anderson, unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum, is not afraid to speak plainly on the issue of hemp.

Rocky Anderson says, “It is time to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp in the United States. There is a huge market for textiles, paper, high protein food, clean burning diesel fuel and biodegradable plastics that industrial hemp farmers could produce using less water than cotton, needing no pesticides or herbicides for growing this ‘green’ alternative product… The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) continues to intentionally confound industrial hemp and marijuana. This has resulted in an absurd policy: hemp seed, oil and fiber are all currently legal for trade in the U.S., and domestic industry imports industrial hemp for diverse uses. Yet, at the same time, U.S. farmers are prevented from producing industrial hemp for the domestic market. It is time to remove unnecessary barriers to the domestic production of legal industrial hemp.”

You want industrial help to be grown in the United States? Well then, your choice is clear. To Legalize Hemp, Vote Rocky Anderson President in 2012.

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Minnesota Opposes The Republican Party

Today is the day of the 2012 Republican Party presidential caucuses in Minnesota. That’s nice for the Republicans in Minnesota, but what if you live in Minnesota, but aren’t a Republican?

minnesota opposes the gopIrregular Times suggests that progressive Minnesotans turn out to one of 23 Green Party caucus locations. That’s groovy, but I have a more simple suggestion:

If you’re a citizen of Minnesota, and you’re not a Republican, today is a good day to rededicate yourself… simply to opposing the Minnesota Republican Party.

Pin this anti-Republican button to your chest, and put that rowdy Minnesota elephant in its place.

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Apathy Is Fatal To Freedom

Yesterday, Irregular Times announced the release of its made in the USA get out the vote tshirt featuring a skull in a patriotic hat. The idea, expressed in the shirt’s slogan, was “If you don’t vote, democracy dies”.

button with skull wearing patriotic hatThis button has the same idea, just with some different words to accompany the graphic: On a stark black background, the button warns, apathy is fatal to freedom.

The opponents of liberty are cutting away at our constitutional freedoms, bit by bit, patiently, ruthlessly. They’re not about to sit out of the political game, thinking that their inaction is some kind of protest. We as voters must not make that mistake.

We may lose. Elected leaders may disappoint us. So, we need to adapt. We need to get smart. What we must not do is throw our hands up in the air and say that, because the system is rigged, we’re not going to try any more.

Yes, the system is rigged. That’s why we have to try harder.

This is no time for apathy.

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Rocky Anderson Opposes New Wars Unauthorized By Congress

During the State of the Union Address, Barack Obama refused to rule out starting a new war in the Middle East – this one with Iran. Obama has already demonstrated that he’s willing to enter the United States into war without congressional approval.

rocky anderson pinback buttonJustice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson has a different vision. He’s made a clear pledge: “No military intervention without express authorization (not unconstitutional delegation of the war-making power) by Congress.”

If you’re looking for a presidential candidate who will keep America out of new bloody and expensive wars, Rocky Anderson might be a good choice for you to consider.

If you support Rocky Anderson for President, show your support with this Anderson for President pinback button.

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Pants On Fire? Planet On Fire.

When the Wall Street Journal published an opinion editorial that claimed to be signed by 16 scientists who believe that global warming is nothing to worry about, it was an act of purposeful dishonesty. It is easily confirmed that not all of the 16 signers of the short article are scientists, and that even among those who are scientists, many work in fields that have nothing whatsoever to do with climatology. One of the scientists studies hardening of the arteries, for example.

icon of global warmingWithin the entire field of climate science, those who don’t agree that global warming is a serious problem are a tiny minority. More importantly, the actual scientific studies on the subject that have been completed and peer reviewed present a remarkably consistent picture: Global warming is real. Global warming is primarily caused by human industrial activity. Global warming is already causing significant economic damage.

Just consider the highway where ten people died in car accidents yesterday after a stretch of Interstate highway in Florida was covered in smoke from a burning swamp. A swamp can’t burn, normally, because it is by nature wet. The swamps in this area are no longer wet, however. Because of highly unusual drought conditions, the swamps in this part of Florida have all dried up. In these locations, global warming has had a very literal meaning – the earth itself is on fire.

The environmentalist button you see here is a visual symbol of the burning planet Earth, a kind of icon that you can pin to your shirt as a reminder to others, wherever you go, that global warming is very real, and it’s a problem we need to face up to as soon as possible, before more death and destruction results.

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